Making Attainment a Local-Based Reality

2030 is a Delusion  & how about never unless we change the way we have historically  approached change

Simply categorizing a problem with an SDG label will not do anything if we continue to try to effect change in the same way we have for the past 70-years. Thus, success is 100% dependent upon changing the way we approach change. 

The reality is that not only have we not solved many of the problems that accompany a lack of or zero economic vibrancy, we have not even put a dent in them as frankly, they are now worse than ever before. 

Attainment of the SDGs will require a concerted "bottom-up" approach, an approach that is:


  • Community led

  • Unlocks the choke points hiding in plain sight

  • Creates a new socioeconomic construct for humanity

  • 100% inclusive of ALL community stakeholders

  • Re-deploys capital away from historical "solutions" to new innovations 

  • Embraces the marginalized and indigenous as the table as opposed to giving lip service to them having a voice or seat at the table

Impact Economics  embeds a focus on the SDGs in every segment, sector, stakeholder in a community that it includes, which is all of them. It is an economic model which adopts the fact that the people who face the problems actually have the answers, and thereby, it provides the information, tools, contacts, context, and access to appropriate capital required for the people themselves to launch and scale those solutions.