"Pimping Poverty"

We are thrilled to announce that our founder's new book:

Pimping Poverty

America’s Socioeconomic Pyramid

Who or What is Fighting to Maintain its Shape

and Why it’s Imploding America

Is scheduled for publication in April. Just the simple preface https://www.swilliamsllc.com/pimping-poverty has drawn applause from many segments of our society, and of course, it has made others apoplectic.

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, and this is not different. Pimping Poverty pulls back the curtain ion the real causes of poverty in America, and why the gap between the have and the have nots keeps widening. The premise that edited forms of business, economics, and capitalism are the answers are hard to argue with.

Visit https://www.swilliamsllc.com/pimping-poverty to read about the choke points that have been hiding in plain sight for decades and to secure a copy. .

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