Impact Investors & Entrepreneurs

"Who better to solve community-centric social, economic, and environmental problems than the people who live there"

Impact Economics embraces the necessity to build and nurture inclusion and impact-focused community ecosystems. By using the tenets of In Place Impact's "inclusion capital" model, any community segment can become a hub for Impact Entrepreneurship and thus start attracting Impact Investors. In fact, In Place Impact believes that Impact Entrepreneurship and investing is the only way to ensure that local residents can rise up their communities by "Making A Profit While Making A Difference."

Impact Economics is inclusive of the following:

  • Building or enhancing Impact Entrepreneur ecosystems in community-based schools and community segments

  • Building and or enhancing Impact Entrepreneur ecosystems in community segments or surrounding areas

  • Working with community-based Impact Entrepreneurs to help position them to have the best possible opportunity to get funded, launch, and scale

  • Working with community-based or regional, national, and international Impact Investors to help them source appropriate opportunities that align with their passion, purpose and financial return requirements

  • Bringing accredited and award-winning Impact Entrepreneurship classes into schools

  • Holding free Impact Entrepreneurship classes for community residents

  • Creating "Impact Day" events that are educational platforms for Impact Investors. These events are donated to one or more schools within a community to help fund the creation of Centers for Impact Studies

  • Developing Impact investment opportunity, "zero choke point"  conduits between student and resident innovations and local Impact Investors​