Our Sustainability Project

At In Place Impact we are committed to developing more vibrant, inclusive, and resilient local economies. We believe that modern business leaders are the most important people in the sustainable future room, and that through business, economics, and innovation, we can create resilient communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all stakeholders and residents. 

Inclusive Impact Innovation = Resilient Economic Vibrancy

Impact Economics Certified Consultants have a focus on building stronger, more inclusive and resilient economies within the communities they live and work. By helping their clients deliver the future's highest and most sustainable profits, they are able to achieve that goal for their communities.


They achieve it because they give back in their clients' names. 

Impact Economics Certified Consultants request that their clients redirect 15% of the fees they would have earned to fund the creation of a local hub of vibrant impact innovation within their communities. 


Impact Economics Certified Consultants ask their clients to redirect 15% of the fee they would have been paid for helping them grow their business in a fully sustainable manner. By doing this, they become a catalyst for the  creation of a more vibrant and sustainable economy for all stakeholders and residents of their communities.


The redirection of their fees are direct donations in their clients' names to a local academic institution that the consultant has chosen to work with. With the consultant acting as the catalyst, the academic institution will have already embraced the need to embed consequential learning and inclusive impact innovation studies in their curricula. In Place Impact provides its certified consultants with the design and syllabus for the classes that often become the most sought after by the students.


By redirecting their fees as direct donations from their clients (in their clients' names), Impact Economics Certified Consultants become catalysts for:


  • Supporting the school

  • Creating, sustaining and helping teach new Impact focused classes

  • Driving inclusion 

  • Providing scholarships 

  • Fostering impact focused innovations purposed to solve local socioeconomic and environmental problems

  • Creating a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable local economy

  • Helping grow the brand and goodwill of their clients 


As the founder of Impact Economics continually reminds us:


“Of course we must leave a better world for our children, but we must also leave better children for our world”


All of the work done by Impact Economics Certified Consultants with academic institutions is pro bono.

Impact Economics Certified Consultants request that their clients redirect an additional 5% of the fees they would have earned. This is to help fund locally grown impact innovations purposed to help solve socioeconomic and environmental problems within their communities.

Impact Economics Certified Consultants request that their clients redirect an additional 5% of the fees they would have paid, as an investment (in their clients' own names) to a local Donor Advised or Impact Investment Fund. This money can only be used to help fund local impact innovations coming out of the student and free community Impact Entrepreneurship classes designed and managed by the consultant. We must never forget that for many people, the “friends and family” early investment rounds are not available, hence, it is important that we find ways to fill that gap. 


The community work done by Impact Economics Certified Consultants clearly shows that the people facing the problems actually have the solutions. That is why they provide totally free community impact entrepreneurship classes that any resident of their communities can attend. 


All of the community work done by Impact Economics Certified Consultants is pro bono. 

The clients of Impact Economics Certified Consultants and their employees love immersing themselves within the Impact Economics network built within their communities. They mentor students and residents, get involved with the schools, help innovate, network with peers, and contribute to building the community they would like to see. 

Impact Economics Certified Consultants are the only professionals in the world that:

  • Do all of the pro-bono work required to embed Impact Economics in the communities they reside in

  • Donate 20% of their revenues (in their clients's names) to help create inclusive sustainable communities based upon business, economics, and innovation

Impact Economics Certified Consultants take pride in the work they do for their clients, and for the stakeholders and residents they help in the communities they live in.

To see the communities where Impact Economics Certified Consultants currently operate, and where they will are soon to be operating, visit "Locations". 

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