The Most Important Governments Are Local Governments

Whether you have enough, need enough, or have had enough, enough is enough.

Whether we like it or not, governments are important stakeholders in our communities, and our mayors and local politicians are the most important civic leaders we have. Therefore, if we wish to build communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL of their residents we must:

  • Admit and accept that what has been tried for the past 60-years has not worked, stop demonizing the top and the bottom of the socio-economic demographic pyramid, and flush out the choke points hiding in plain sight.

  • Help our local governments develop circular economies that are inclusive of ALL residents, and where anyone has the opportunity to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a sustainable future. 

By carrying the best of aspects of Capitalism forward while leaving the worst behind, Impact Economics (often referred to as inclusive, multi-stakeholder, or "Capitalism After COVID") has been designed to help any community become more resilient and inclusive, and economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all residents.


Impact Economics is a self-funding, 100% inclusive circular economy that through its natural operation, starts to increase economic vibrancy in ALL community segments, begins reducing poverty and helps adopters attain the SDGs. It provides every community segment with a seat at the table and delivers initiatives that are "wins" for each, but when one wins, all win, i.e. it is not left to happenchance that a positive benefit for one stakeholder or community segment will drive a positive impact for all of them.


"After 6-years of live testing in Charleston, SC, Impact Economics is not just another "idea", it has been proven to work"

Helping civic organizations adopt community leadership and engagement through the lens of Profit for Purpose while also creating a positive impact on all stakeholders helps communities become more inclusive and resilient. Impact Economics embraces a "shared values" fee system that allows the natural flow of "doing well by doing good" to help fund:

  • Impact Studies in Local Educational Institutions

  • Free Impact Entrepreneurship Community Classes

  • A Free Impact Incubator/Accelerator for Community Residents

  • Fund the Innovations of Community-Based  Impact Entrepreneurs 


Our Certified Impact Economics Consultants have worked alongside Presidents of countries and Neighborhood Associations alike, and they have been working to integrate Impact Economic Systems for a combined 50 years, across five continents. 


Impact Economics has been designed to help any community become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL of its residents. 


In Place Impact is the only company in the world that can help communities, cities, and countries:​

  • Embed, manage, and measure Impact Economics within their communities

  • Become accredited as Impact Economics Certified

  • Use it's proprietary "City Impact Index" to create communities that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for all residents

  • Contract with outsourced Impact Economics Certified CSR Officers