Become an Impact Economics Certified Consultant 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"

Margaret Mead

Impact Economics is built upon a foundation that is constructed with edited forms of capitalism, business leadership, economics, decentralization, less reliance on government, and collaboration between all stakeholders within a community. Individual Impact Economics Certified Consultants have already become major catalysts in helping their communities and cities become economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents. 

They achieve this by working with and embedding ALL community stakeholders in a community-centric, fully inclusive economic model which provides:

  • Companies With the Ability to Increase:

- Revenue, Margin, Profit, Brand Equity, Brand Value, and Customer and Employee Retention Rates

- Embrace Leadership and Management Through the Lens of Profit for Purpose

- Positive Impact on ALL of their Stakeholders

- Help their Communities Attain the SDGs

  • Education Institutions with Everything They Need to Embed, Fund and Teach Impact Focused Studies Including:

- Impact Entrepreneurship

- Impact Investing

- Leadership & Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose

- Cause Marketing

- The SDGS

- Integrated Reporting

  • Students With the Ability to:

- Create Impact Focused Innovations Purposed to Help Solve Socioeconomic/Environmental Problems in their Communities

- Help their Communities Attain the SDGs

- Benefit from Consequential Learning

- Become Future Businesses Owners and or Executives who Embrace Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit for Purpose

  • ALL Community Residents with 100% Free Resources, Courses, and Frameworks to:

- Participate in and Personally Benefit from Contributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Community

- Create Impact Focused Innovations Purposed to Help Solve Socioeconomic/Environmental Problems in their Communities, and also Help them Attain the SDGs

- Have their Voices not only Listened to, but Heard

- Not Only a Seat at the Table, but the Ability to Become the Table

- Become Included in, and Contribute to the Attainment of the SDGs

  • Impact Entrepreneurs via Free Impact Incubators With the Ability to:

- Create, Launch, and Scale Impact​ Focused Innovations 

- Directly Access Local Impact Investors

- Create a Vibrant and Inclusive Impact Hub in their Community

- Help their Community Attain the SDGs

  • Current & Potential Impact Investors With the Ability to:

- Learn or Stay Abreast of Global Best Practices in Impact Investing​

- Become Part of a Vibrant Impact Hub in their Community

- Meet Local Impact Entrepreneurs Innovating Solutions for Problems the Care About

- Invest in the Attainment of the SDGs

  • Not - for - Profits to Increase:

- Donations

- Human Asset Support

- Awareness

- Impact

  • Governments to:

- Create a Communities that are Economically, Socially, and Environmentally Sustainable for ALL Residents

- Drive Inclusion and Equity

- Decentralize a lot of Decision Making

- Become More Efficient and Effective as an Organization and Community

  • Marginalized Community Segments to:

- Not Only Have a Voice or Seat at the Table, But to Become an Integral and Important Part of the Table

- Access the Knowledge, Information, contacts, Tools, and Capital Required to Bring their Own Impact Focused Solutions to Market

- Increase Economic Vibrancy in a Manner which Helps Eradicate Poverty and its Multitude of Effects

Plus a great deal more.

The above has been designed in a manner that is self-funding, and where the intersection of one to one, one to many, and everything in between is created to exponentially increase positive impact for every segment of the community and thus the community as a whole. 

Once it reaches a global scale, Impact Economics Certified Consultants will be part of a network that collaboratively will be the the catalyst for the following annual impact:

  • Generating over $2 Billion each year to help fund and expand Impact Studies (consequential learning) and SDG studies in Colleges and Universities

  • Contributing over $600,000,000 to community-based Impact Investment funds

  • Teaching 2,000,000 people Impact related studies

  • Launching 1,000 community built, Impact focused innovations purposed to help attain one or more of the SDG's

  • Helping 500,000 businesses embrace and benefit from Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit and Purpose 

In Place Impact  has "cracked the code" for those wishing to build a career based upon purpose, while also making a profit.

If this is something that interests you, we make available an anonymous self-assessment tool that provides you with feedback on how your background, experience, and passion and purpose align with the potential for success. To review and or take the self-assessment simply click the button below. 



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