Everything Needs to be "In Place"

"Making a profit while making a difference"

Marginalized and indigenous people do not need a "voice" or a "seat" at the table, they are the table. 

When you do as much work as In Place Impact does with people who live in marginalized community segments, you realize that those facing the problems actually have the solutions. Unfortunately, however, all too often, these very same people have been overlooked as entrepreneurs and innovators.


If empowered, people residing "In Place" can become the cornerstones of the foundation required to make their communities economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all of the residents. In Place Impact knows that by replacing "extraction" (America has extracted free labor and even the hearts, hopes, dreams and souls of too many for too long), with "insertion" ("Inclusion Capital" - intellectual and financial), entitlement can be turned into empowerment. 

Impact Economics Certified Consultants work with community leaders to help their specific segments become socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable for all of their residents.


Impact Economics provides the following free resources to all residents within communities that adopt it:

  • Impact Entrepreneurship Classes

  • Impact Incubators & Accelerators

  • Access to Impact Investors 

  • Internships and Full-Time Work Opportunities

The above helps:

  • Create Impact Incubators delivering remarkable community-resident-led, impact-focused innovations that help solve local

       social, economic, and environmental problems

  • Communities attain the SDG's

  • Local residents start and scale impact-focused companies 

  • Unlock the choke points that have locked so many people out of participating in and personally benefitting from the creation of a sustainable future

In Place Impact's global research has shown that whenever a community increases its economic vibrancy (the lack thereto being the cause of poverty), the effects of poverty are slowly eradicated bringing back self resiliency, pride, hopes, and dreams.