Impact Economics is the Future of Community-Centric, Economic Vibrancy and Empowerment.

Impact Economics Certified Consultants are the Future of Public and Private Sector Consulting.

Dedicated to The Memory of Lawrence Bloom 1944 - 2021. A Giant of Humanity.

How 8,000 Consultants Can Build A Sustainable Future

"As the world starts to talk about developing new community based economic systems using inclusive capitalism, In Place Impact has already done it. Furthermore, they have tested their model of Impact Economics for almost a decade, proven that it works, and are giving 8,000 people the opportunity to deploy it in their own communities"​

~ Lawrence Bloom

Secretary-General, Be Earth, 

A United Nations IGO

Business Impact

Meet the new most important person in the sustainable future room - the modern business leader>>>>>>>>>

Your Impact

Impact Economics Certified Consultants are "Making A Profit While Making the Greatest Difference" >>>>>

Community Impact

Impact Economics creates communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for ALL Residents>>>>>>>>>>

Inclusive Impact

Inclusion begets equity, equity begets resiliency, and before anything can be sustainable, it must be resilient >>>>>>>>

Modern Business Leaders are the Most Important People in the Sustainable Future Room

As we begin to see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, thousands of business and civic leaders are calling for a redesign of our socioeconomic construct that uses the best of capitalism (while leaving the worst behind), to create communities and cities that are inclusive, more innovative, and increase economic vibrancy, while also becoming more resilient. 


Business and Economics are not the problems, in fact, they are two of only a handful of solutions. 


Impact Economics is a politically agnostic, community-based, stakeholder capitalism driven model, that uses business, economics, and empowerment to drive positive impact for EVERY civic and private stakeholder segment, plus ALL residents. It is designed so that when one stakeholder benefits it is not left to happenstance that all benefit.


Having undergone a live 8-year test in Charleston, SC, Impact Economics has proven that inclusive capitalism provides EVERY resident with the opportunity to participate in, and personally benefit from the creation of fully inclusive and more resilient community. 

We Take Pride in Our Belief


Years of Experience


Years of Research



Years of Design


Years of Testing

Are You Ready to Make A Living Creating  The Future You Wish to See?

In Place Impact is providing opportunities for thousands of people to become Impact Economics Certified, and to build their own self-funding, profitable consulting organizations designed to embed Impact Economics in their own communities.  

To date we are certifying people in the US, Canada, England, Nigeria, Liberia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize. 

Will you be the person to bring it to your community?

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